I support increased self-knowledge and

stronger relationships.


Are you in a marriage or relationship that is struggling? Perhaps you and your partner are fighting a lot about the same things and nothing seems to get resolved. Perhaps you are looking outside of your marriage for emotional support. Perhaps conflict is avoided by you or your partner, meaning that nothing can even be raised for discussion. Or maybe your partner seems ready to leave the marriage, while you are desperate to keep it going. Here’s something that you may not know: most, if not all, couples experience relational conflict of one type or another. I can support you and your partner towards a healthier relationship by examining and shifting your difficult patterns of interaction towards patterns of connection and increased happiness. I also offer Discernment Counseling for those couples experiencing divorce ambivalence.


Are you feeling stressed, sad, or ungrounded? Perhaps you are experiencing a transition in life – a new baby, the end of a job, an empty nest. Perhaps you recently lost a loved one, or you are struggling with finding meaning in your life. Perhaps your family dynamics are affecting you negatively. Even if there is no overt stress on your life, you may be anxious or depressed and not be able to get a handle on it. I invite you to journey with me towards greater self-knowledge and an increased ability to cope with life stressors, and to shift towards how you want your life to be. A client recently told me that I had been “life-changing.” She was the one doing the work – I was simply at her side, asking questions to encourage her to look more deeply at herself and supporting her to be intentional and true to herself in her actions.

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It is important you find someone you feel comfortable with.


I am a licensed marriage and family therapist associate, specializing in couples and individual therapy. I maintain a private practice with offices in Bothell and downtown Seattle.

I received my BS in Biology from Stanford University and my MA in Couples and Family Therapy from Seattle University.  In between my two degrees I worked in biomedicine, raised two daughters, and cofounded and taught at a progressive school.  My career as a therapist integrates my strengths as a nurturer, a scientist, and a learner.  I am above all compassionate and empathetic, accepting and non-judgmental. I seek out evidence- and research-based practices in therapy in order to best serve my clients.  I am constantly honing my expertise, pursuing continuing education and advanced training in many forms of treatment, as well as ongoing supervision and consultation with other professionals.

I am licensed by the State of Washington as a Marriage and Family Therapist Associate (LMFTA), license MG60653886 and am a member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT).


Your goal in therapy is paramount to our work together. My goal is to provide an environment where you feel accepted and understood, yet challenged to engage in meaningful self-exploration.

My therapeutic orientation is based on a humanistic and family systems approach. I believe that all humans possess a deep desire for purpose and meaning, and that we are influenced by the people in our lives, including our family-of-origin. Understanding ourselves and how each of our relationships impacts us helps us to understand and modify our behaviors. I offer an individualized approach to meet the unique needs of your situation, drawing from evidence-based practices such as cognitive behavioral, solution focused, and mindfulness therapies. In my work with couples, I utilize Gottman techniques along with Emotionally Focused Therapy to address patterns of conflict and promote stronger relationships. For those couples experiencing divorce ambivalence, I offer Discernment Counseling to support intentionality around the decision to work on the marriage or separate. 

Before starting my work in private practice, I provided therapy to individuals, couples, and families for 18 months in community mental health, and I worked with teens, children, and parents in the field of education for over 20 years. My education, training, and life experiences have prepared me to counsel individuals of all cultures, ethnicities, races, religious/spiritual backgrounds, gender identities, and sexual orientations. I welcome diversity to my practice.


I support adults, couples, and families facing stresses and challenges, including:

  • Sadness & Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Life Transitions

  • Grief & Loss

  • Death & Dying

  • Communication

  • Family Conflicts

  • Intimacy

  • Relationships

  • Parenting

  • Trauma & PTSD

  • Family of Origin

  • Self Harm

  • Sexuality

  • Spirituality

  • Finding Meaning


My rate for a 50 minute session is $90 for individuals and $120 for couples/families, payable at session-end as cash or check. Longer sessions are provided as needed and pro-rated accordingly.

I do not bill insurance directly. I am an out-of-network provider and will give you a receipt to submit to your insurance company. Check with your insurance company to see what their reimbursement policy is for out-of-network providers.


Call, text, or email if you’d like to schedule an appointment. I have offices in two locations, Bothell and Seattle, to better serve you.




If you’re a new client, please complete the following forms and bring them to your first therapy session.

Client Intake Form
Disclosure Form

Bothell Office

Located near Northshore Senior Center
10516 E. Riverside Dr.
Bothell WA 98011

Seattle Office

Located in the Cabrini Medical Tower
901 Boren Ave., Suite 1300
Seattle, WA 98104